Snow Day

When they said it was going to snow today, they weren't kidding! Most people just brush it off, but Houston probably gets snow um... about every 3 years (or something like that). It's really not much to talk about since it was about an inch of snow, but the flurries are a sight to see here down south! It was almost over by the time I took these photos, but you can still kinda see them in the 4th picture on the right side near my legs. See the little action streaks in the photo? It's pretty funny that Houston's snow naivete causes everything to shut down- all outgoing flights have canceled, shops closed early, and final exams were postponed.

knit beret from Ebay : vintage leopard coat : Poof turtleneck : Tripp NYC skinny jeans : Wet Seal fingerless bow gloves : vintage Yoyo boots

It was also finally cold enough for me to bring out my "new" leopard coat I found at the thrift store. The faux fur is super soft. It has a slightly boxy fit, a quick and easy zipper closure, and a stand-up collar. With the whole leopard trend for the winter, I figured I needed to add some animal goodness to my closet ASAP but didn't realize I would be able to find one that I liked so quickly without having to spend a good amount of money. Thank you thrift stores for being so gentle on my budget.

I found these faux leather bow gloves off of the Wet Seal website when I just happened to browse it one day. I used to shop Wet Seal when I was in middle school (many, many years ago), but apparently it has still proven that it can deliver at least in the accessories department. I was fairly pleased with these when they arrived at my doorstep. I also have an obsession with fingerless gloves ever since losing my favorite pair on an airplane a couple of years ago. Now I make sure to snatch them up whenever I see cute ones. They are much more practical than mittens and have more flexibility than closed-finger gloves. So here you go, my snow day outfit on a rare snowy day in Houston.


  1. thanks for the comment!!! if only i knew about the whole wheels meals i'd tell ya lmao! anyway - LOVE the coat! still trying to find a good one for myself... gah! any suggestions?

  2. it must be so exciting to wear the new coat :-) .... and it looked so great on you, love this!!! xx

  3. Love your leopard print and those gloves are spectacular!

  4. ur fur coat and little hat are sooo cute! lovely blog too :)



  5. what a lovely blue beret i love it :)


  6. love it! your coat's is so fabulous, and what a cute ensemble! and thanks for dropping by the blog, i really appreciate it!

    xx raez

  7. Hey Yoshi! I would scour my local thrift stores, but here's one by Motel at Karmaloop and if you enter the code "Toasty" you get 20% off plus free shipping.


    Good luck on your coat search! :)

  8. Love the bow gloves - especially with the leopard coat! Enjoy the snow! We have some friends in Houston and they say it's really coming down! :)

    Thanks for visiting!


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