Fringe Benefits

hat from Macy's : random fringe scarf : Rebecca jacket from Nasty Gal : Stephanie B. aqua top : LA Made gray tank : Tripp NYC jeans : Minnetonka boots : Target coil ring : murano glass ring from Venice

Is it finally time to break out the fringe? My Minnetonkas, I mean. Probably not, but I'm bringing them out anyway. I bought these last year after seeing a girl on the internet pairing them with a dress, and they looked adorable on her. I have yet to wear them with a dress. Go figure. You'll notice I don't often wear dresses. I break them out for special occasions, but for my new year's resolution, I'll try to change that.

New Year's Resolution #1- Wear more dresses and skirts.

I just received this neat jacket from Nasty Gal. I think it took 2 days to arrive. Seriously, their shipping is uber fast. The color is not as light as it is on the site, but I'll live. It's so drapey and can be worn in several ways. At some point, it almost feels like you're wearing a blanket. Mmm... cozy. I did have to fiddle with it a bit because it is a lot of fabric. It's basically a large rectangle with sleeves, pockets, and drawstrings. It gets me thinking of how Complex Geometries comes up with their ideas. A lot of their pieces are just large squares and rectangles, right? Amazing how something so simple can turn out so spectacular.


  1. AAWWh! You look so darn cute and comfy I just want to hug you! I love that bright blue ring, that fabulous wrap, cardigan thingy, and your knit beret. I share the same New Year's resolution of trying to wear more skirts and dresses, somehow I always end up in jeans!!

  2. You look great in the Draped Rebecca Jacket! Stay warm! xx

  3. Love this whole look, especially your new jacket!

    And your resolution is perfection!


  4. Insane jacket. It's so interesting and an amazing buy. We love your style


    Maddy, Rebecca and Alec
    La Société de Mode| The Fashion Society

  5. qute blog! :) merry christmas

  6. i love your jacket. it looks amazing!! you have a great blog, i love it!


  7. heart charlie: Thank you! Thank you! I hope to be able to keep that New Year's resolution. Maybe we can watch out for each other! :)

    sophia: I will! The jacket is wonderful!! Thank you Nasty Gal!

    Couture Carrie: Thank you girl! I will try to stick to my resolution!

    La Societe de Mode: It is a pretty sweet jacket! It's such a versatile piece and has drapes in all the right places.

    Emma: Merry Christmas to you too! Can't wait to hang out with the family and eat yummy food!

    Kendal: Thank you so much doll!

  8. This jacket looks so comfortable!

  9. Marion: The jacket is very comfy. It's great to lounge around in all day!


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