Rough & Tumble

Eight Sixty top : thrifted Express mesh top : BDG skinny jeans : Colonial Madness boots : spike bracelets soon to be in the Invasion Shop

With all the hype on netted and ripped clothing and especially the neat tutorials on how to make your very own Raquel Allegra-type top, I finally came to the realization that I would never have the time to make my own. I was lucky enough to find this mesh top at the thrift store just waiting to be picked up. It even had a couple of holes in it to add to its character. I'm still looking for a longer tunic version but for now, this will have to do.

Actually, come to think of it... I've been saving AlectoNyx's etsy site in my bookmarks for awhile. I might have to pick myself up one of her beautiful creations soon. Here's a pic of Gala from Inside Am-Lul's Closet wearing one of AlectoNyx's dresses.

It looks amazing on her!


  1. Where are these cool thrift shops in Houston? The Westheimer area? Do you suggest any specific ones? Love your site!

  2. Oh gosh. Those shoes are BEAUTIFUL! I love this outfit. Simple, yet daring!

  3. Janie: Thanks! On thrift shops in Houston, I like the thrill of the hunt, so I tend to stick with Value Village or Family Thrift. However, I love Westheimer for its boutiques, consignment stores, and psuedo-resale shops (i.e.-Buffalo Exchange, Taxi Taxi) for when I'm roaming around that strip.

    Melanie: Those boots are currently my fave right now! They are super versatile and comfy. Perfect for daily wear.

  4. Love your look and blog, darling!
    That mesh top is fantastic!


  5. ur blog is so cool and u have so much style
    comment back

  6. hi love your blog and style!!! come to visit mine xoxo+

  7. Couture Carrie, Fashion Doll, Iole: Thanks gals!!

  8. it does-love ur thrift find too! xx

  9. i love those bracelets!!! and that color combo

  10. oh wow i love your top !
    very rodarte .
    you look amaaaaazing , doll ♥

  11. Funny, I thought your top was sequins at first glance!

  12. yeah haha you can totally shred your own T shirt! it´s very easy once you get into it.. I did like 10 this summer :D ! Oh and btw you shouldnt do it with a too long t shirt because when you finish shredding it it will be extrememly long anyways :)


  13. kpeach, grace, jessica: Thank you!!

    WendyB: Ha, too funny! Yeah, holes must be the new sequins!

    Francheska: Hmm... well maybe I can start working on a shirt during my holiday. The time and effort it takes may be well worth it in the end! Thanks for the tip!

  14. i really like your outfit! the color of your jeans are interesting =)


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