I love striped shirts because of their nautical and French-inspired aesthetic but also because they look so classic. I finally found a striped top from the thrift store that I'm happy with. This one has a boatneck collar (covered by my scarf) and snap metal button details along the sides.

scarf from Marshall's : thrifted Tommy Hilfiger striped top : Serfontaine shorts : no label opaque tights : Chaps ankle socks : Zara bow purse : Jeffrey Campbell x LF Alexa wedges

I also finally get to post a photo of me actually wearing the Alexas. The funny thing about these shoes is that they make me about 6 feet. So to no fail, my friends are always wondering why I look especially tall and then I have to show them the culprit. I guess these are by far my tallest shoes. I know, I know. I'm so lame with heels. I guess you can call these my training wheels. Another pair of training wheels may be arriving in the mail any day now...


  1. That is a fantastic top, I definitely like the details on the side! And the wedges are awesome...I'm seriously lusting for a pair. I'm terrible in heels too...can't seem to learn!

  2. I love your shirt. The scarf gives this outfit a beautiful pop of color. JEFFREY CAMPBELL = <3. :)

  3. Great combo of the shirt and scarf! You look great!

  4. hi! i love your blog! those jeffrey campbells look awesome. i wasn't sure how they'd look either when i saw the comparison with the acne wedges, but i think i may even like these better....!

  5. Rebecca- Heels are the bane of my existence! No, just kidding! I guess it doesn't really help learning to wear heels in comfortable wedges. Surprisingly enough, the Atacoma look-a-likes feel so good to walk on!

    Melanie and Sarah- Thanks a bunches! :)

    Sarah- There is no comparison! The price tag suits my budget a lot better and the platform is smaller. Definitely a better choice for me. Your blog is super awesome too! I've got you on my Reader.

    Maison Chaplin- Thank you as always!

  6. Oops, the second Sarah comment was meant to be directed to Grace. ;)


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