F1 Baby!

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Day Two: Ferrari Challenge
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Life-size purple metallic Hot Wheels!
 photo f4_zps23a633df.jpg
Check out the camo Ferrari!
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Looks like an accident waiting to happen (just an illusion ya'll!)
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 photo f7_zps10d83508.jpg
Can't forget your Ferrari hat.  The mark of a true fan.
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Up close and personal with the drivers
 photo f91_zps326c9c21.jpg  photo f92_zpsd8ae601b.jpg
 photo sun_zps24431e2d.jpg
The view of the chicane from Turn 3.
 photo sun2_zps1849f884.jpg
A glorious Enzo
 photo sun3_zpsfd07c013.jpg
Adrian Sutil of Sahara Force India wrecks in the first lap.  Ouch.
 photo sun4_zpsb016b02f.jpg
Bryan's personal favorite, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes AMG Petronas
 photo sun5_zps1554c7b5.jpg
World champion and winner of Austin's Grand Prix, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel
 photo sun6_zps53ac213d.jpg
 photo sun7_zpsd309246c.jpg
90 minutes later and finishing the last lap
     We just returned from Austin after attending our first Formula 1 race, and yes, I really enjoyed myself despite the almost 90 degree temperatures (whut?).  Somehow my husband turned me onto racing.  Not that I haven't always been a fan of fast, pretty cars but the thought of watching a race (The Fast and the Furious 1, 2, & 3 do not count) has never stepped into the forefront of my mind until Bryan became interested in autocrossing about a year ago. It's nice for us to add another common point of interest to talk about- his bromance with the drivers, how I need to make sure the Japanese Grand Prix finishes downloading on his computer, what new tires he wants for Christmas... ahhh yes, and so I welcome our newfound hobby with open arms.

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