Flannel Me Bad and Frito Musings

 photo plaidsan_zps374e9a26.jpg  photo plaid2san_zps8f858b9e.jpg  photo plaid3san_zpsb3c0c8a5.jpg  photo plaid4san_zps4d985b27.jpg  photo plaid5san_zpsde1fa894.jpg  photo plaid6san_zps16b22883.jpg // Zara flannel / Seven for All Mankind denim / Aldo hi-tops / Balenciaga Mini City bag / Target sunglasses / vintage bracelet //

     I'm sporting my festive fall flannel in celebration of the beautiful new weather here.  The outdoors has gotten a lot more pleasant (bike weather!), and I'm crossing my fingers that it will stay that way.  I kept myself pretty busy this weekend working on a home reno project, attending a packed Washed Out show, and partaking in one of the best party ideas ever- one dedicated to the mighty Frito Pie. Here is a glimpse of what this type of party may consist of...

 photo fritoo_zpsce91be07.jpg
...chips in all shapes and sizes (it's not just for fritos anymore), toppings galore (hello okra and sauerkraut frito pie!)
 photo fritoo2_zps3145e6b4.jpg
...and the finished product!

     To some, it may look utterly disgusting, but down south, we treat this as a delicacy consisting of a typical mix of fritos, chili, sour cream, and cheese.  Of course, there are plenty of other variations as shown above if you want to get wild. The party I attended even served up different types of chili such as regular, lamb, and vegan.  

     I will be hitting the race tracks this upcoming weekend in Austin for F1.  Bryan has been looking forward to this all year, and I'm excited to finally get to see a professional race.  Even if you're not into racing, I suggest adding the movie, Rush, to your playlist.  There's action, drama, and Chris Hemsworth all wrapped into 123 minutes.


  1. Love the pop of color with the bag and that plaid shirt is perfect. You look great!


  2. Sounds like an interesting mix..would definetely try it...btw I love your sneakers!


    1. Thanks Andy! I especially love the red striped details. Yes, you should definitely try making a frito pie sometime and let me know what you think!


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