Clay and Cabernet

// photos of me by Kerry Paine / photo of plate prior to being fired up in the kiln by McCheek's Academy // 

Crafting parties are the best when you get to enjoy them with friends, make new ones, and add to your soon-to-be-wed friend's dish collection. I only wish I knew about Clay and Cabernet sooner! The fun event created by Carole Smith who owns cool clay studio, McCheek's Academy, is a great way to bring together friends and bond over sculpting and vino.  It felt good to rekindle those sweet memories of my high school days in the art studio. 

So did you notice that I have a sweater on?   This was the last day of the cold front and boy, was it a great 5 seconds!  You should have seen the glimmer in our eyes when we talked about how excited we were to pull out our dusty jackets and knitwear!


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