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One of the most anticipated knockoffs of the season is a remake of Acne's dramatic Atacoma wedges. Made popular by Alexa Chung on her MTV show, these shoes have been all the rage and highly coveted by fashion bloggers.
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For me, I've wondered if I could ever justify paying $500 for an overly-popular trend that may be on the outs this time next year. I don't necessarily like the idea of purchasing complete ripoffs but then I realize that I am buying the shoes not for the label but the look. Plus, the new version has a smaller platform which I'm actually thankful for. I can imagine being a complete clutz in the Acne ones. I have emailed LF regarding the Alexa booties, and Callista responded back with an early-November arrival date and stated that they are not doing pre-orders but taking names for a waiting list. So, my name is now on the list, and we shall see how the Jeffrey Campbell version fares.

Here is a comparison of the LF/Jeffrey Campbell "Alexa" booties (left) and the Acne Atacomas:

The JC booties are not as seamless as the Acne's but does come in a textured leather and has a smaller platform which I am completely ok with.

On another note, I just received a pair of lovely Seychelles pump wedges that have completely satisfied any cravings for the black/brown version of the Acne Atacomas. I am a sucker for wood and leather combos.

Acne Atacoma

Seychelles Tall Tower Wedge

I love, love, love the cutout in the wedge. So glad I swooped these up off the UO website. They only had my size left, so I knew it was meant to be. ♥♥


  1. love the JC versions! did LF happen to mention what they are selling for? Thanks!

  2. Got a response from Callista and the price is yet to be determined on the Alexa booties. They should know in the next couple of weeks!

  3. I have a pair of the Alexa Booties in a size 7 that sadly don't fit me. I am selling them if you are interested.


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