Yes, I am now completely addicted to platform wedge boots. It all started with an innocent fascination with the Acne Atacomas and has now blown up to something much larger than me. What to do... what to do? But to look at more and more platform booties and hope to get sick of them eventually? I have definitely logged in too many internet hours just admiring these tall, chunky spectacles and I'm not sure that my strategy is working. I mean, really, what is more exciting than having your feet look like hooves?

Let me share some of my favorites:

Here is a pair from Irregular Choice. Ever since they started introducing those Japanese-looking shoes with a toe gap, I discontinued my fascination with the brand. However, their newest collection has caught my attention with these "Flashing Lights" booties. BTW, they also have an amazing collection of creepers right now especially some metallic pink ones that remind me of my rave days.

These are a little cray-cray but unique for sure.

Next up is Rick Owens' Wedge Zip Low Boots and Bondage Boots.
Or how about its even cooler covertible counterpart, the Pull On Wedge Flap Boots. Available at Luisaviaroma.
If you're like me and can't part with a thousand bucks of hard-earned cash for shoes (at least not yet), Jeffrey Campbell has a slightly similar variation with the "99" Zip Wedge. Apparently, the 99 has been flying off the shelves and at most places, they are on backorder. However, I believe new shipments will be arriving any time now.

Or these Minimarket booties that have an industrial back zipper which give it a tough look without compromising the sleek lines.

And of course, I've been diligently waiting for the LF x Jeffrey Campbell Collab "Alexa" booties to come in. Now that they are here, and I have my order placed, I just hope that I picked the right size since they only come in whole sizes.
Fianlly, I found a sleeker alternative to the clunky trend for when you'd rather have feet like a gazelle rather than a moose.

Eileen Shield's Tara fits the bill pretty well. Soft luxurious suede with a contrasting angular wedge makes it both a statement piece and a great every day boot. They look great on Vanilla-Scented.


  1. Olá! thank you for your kind words ;) Have a nice weekend, search for Felipe Oliveira Baptista, you'll love its boots! Come check Chanel and Rodarte, hope uou enjoy it.

    @ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

  2. omggg i love them all. i could love in platform ankle wedges


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