Feelin' a Little Left Out

Hello? How come the U.S. Urban Outfitters site lacks a certain Boutique link that the UK site has? I mean, can you believe you can get Karen Walker from the UK UO site? I still can't.

More labels at the site:

Vanessa Bruno

Carin Wester

Anglomania (this one's for you, Yana)

Surface to Air

and many more...

I suppose I'll just have to utilize the UK site for eye candy since if the prices of the boutique clothing doesn't kill me, surely, the shipping will. Just recently purchased a pair of ankle boots from Office and had to pay $30 in shipping. Ouch.


  1. Being terribly cheap, I get my Westwood fix from Ebay. Can't believe they have Acne though!

  2. the topics are so relevant, especially acne


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