Fall is Officially Here

all fall picks available at Revolve

Fall items have been slowly trickling in at Revolve and its off-the-runway sister site, Forward. I'm pretty excited by what I see- lovely fluid draping, futuristic silhouettes, tassels, sequins, more studs, and lots of leather. This is a roundup of my own picks from the sites, which have got me pumped up for the cooler weather. We don't really get a full winter here in Houston, but I'm not going to let that stand in the way of my winter wear!!

*please excuse the typo on Shipley & Halmos


  1. i want everything in this post xoxox

  2. not for Houston yet, but gah I love everything

  3. i mean, i just don't know if i can live without the bottom right pink oxfords. shoot.


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