Art n' Friends

My most memorable moment of this weekend, besides watching Inglourious Basterds, was meeting this guy at the Fine Arts Museum's Fall Bash:

Isn't he cute and doesn't he have the best outfit?

And look at those shoes!

The Fall Bash itself was fun in that the hubby and I got to chow down on never-ending hors d'oeuvres and slow dance amongst the wedding reception-like decor. I should have had someone take a photo of us. Oh well.

BTW, this was my pre-game outfit. Thought some nice pink triangles would look great on top of my face. You know, just to kick it up a notch with a little '80s flair. ;)
moa moa dress, forever 21 necklace, vintage purse and boots

Afterwards, we headed to our friends' after hours housewarming and b-day party.

Aren't we classy? Drinking straight out of the bottle.

This girl had the raddest Halloween-themed shaved head!

Other side!

And finally I will close out the night with a little nipple pinch. Adieu.

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