Holiday Cheer for the Soul and for the Tummy

bacon-covered dates with goat cheese (in case you were wonderin')

Ooops, forgot to take a photo of my Christmas outfit, so instead, I have photos which I've been meaning to post from a lovely dinner get-together at our friends' new home. What better way to break in a new house than with steak and potatoes. Love the delicious twist on the potatoes au gratin (yes, those are purple potatoes) and the amazingly juicy steaks were cooked on a commercial-style grill with infrared technology. Fancy!

Thanks Ariel and Jen for truly satisfying my stomach in ways I never could have imagined!

In other holiday news, our plan to hook up with friends in Barcelona is quickly turning into a pipe dream, but we may relive our first trip together in Amsterdam and Bruges instead. Anyone have a clue how New Year's is in Amsterdam?


  1. lovely pictures!Enjoy the rest of your holiday

  2. Just ate but these foto's make me hungry all over again

    Love J


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