I recently attended an event in honor of three finalists of the John Ross Palmer Escapist Mentorship Program. Watching the thriving art community come together to support local artists is a constant reminder that the Houston art scene is alive and kicking. All three artists, Ryan Fugate, Kelly Devine, and Edgar Medina, had beautiful works on display, but I do have a special place in my heart for Kelley Devine's womanly portraits. The faces of her delicately-rendered women have such emotion and solemnity that you can't help but be drawn into her paintings.

Just to bring a little fashion into the picture, the event was hosted at the lovely and amazing home of the owner of AA Concepts, an ever-expanding empire of concept stores/boutiques. What can I say? The guy knows his fashion and art and clearly, discovered the secret formula to running a successful clothing store. I wouldn't mind walking in his footsteps one day.

And of course, it just wouldn't be right without sneaking in a photo of me in my winter wear, since I've been slackin' on my style posts lately. You can thank Oliver for this one.

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