Strange as It May Seem

// vintage yeti jacket / vintage sweater (underneath) / Tripp NYC pants / Faryl Robin wedge ankle boots / ASOS feather ear cuff (Xmas present from B) / vintage clutch / Eduard Onecic spike ring //

So after some last minute planning to go to Amsterdam for the New Year as an alternative to our original plans to meet up with friends in Barcelona, B and I have finally decided to ditch flying for saving up some money and enjoying ourselves at home without dealing with freezing temps and long commutes. Not such a bad idea since I was getting pretty stressed just thinking about the traveling. Now we'll actually be able to check out some of those nice restaurants we've been dying to try. B has also been wanting to add a touch of sophistication to our lifestyle by going to the symphony or seeing a play. And you know what? I'm all for it. Something low key sounds like the perfect beginning to the New Year's to me. Although, I don't think I would mind a little fun for a change either. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. soooooo gorgeous!

  2. We're going to Amsterdam (and Paris and Geneva) end of Feb.....if you're ready to go in 2 months. =) Foreign meetup!

  3. amazing cozy look! So cool. That ear cuff is just gorgeous also :) xx

  4. your ear cuff is just amazing !

  5. wowza! nice jewlery!

    love, polly :D


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