St. Patty's at the Lake

Finally had a chance to upload photos from St. Patty's Day weekend. No green beer for me. I'm happy with my green lake water, thank you. 

 photo lakey6san_zpsc1c4ccf7.jpg
 photo lakey5san_zps6ac76b9b.jpg
 photo lakey7san_zpsb0c0e3ad.jpg
 photo lakey8san_zps849a8655.jpg
Does Skipper look like he's smiling or is it just me? 

 photo lakeysan_zps453b943b.jpg
One of the best parts of being out here is getting to take home some fresh veggies. 

 photo lakey2san_zps73622253.jpg
Bryan's mom thinks knitting baby gear will speed things up in the baby department. For now, Scout gets a new wardrobe. 
  photo lakey3san_zpsaf6e35f7.jpg
 photo lakey4san_zps8aafb878.jpg

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