One of my favorite stores in Houston, Settlement Goods, is at it again with the launch of a unique t-shirt design created by Houston-based artist and fashion designer, Selven O'Keef Jarmon.

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Selven worked with the Settlement Goods' pyramid and eye logo to create his own design. He hand drew the "lace face" pattern which comes from the logo's "eye" and added hand-sewn buttons for texture and interest to create a commentary on the idea of multiples. By juxtaposing the two design elements, Selven has transformed a seemingly ubiquitous object into something intimate and special. 

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These limited edition t-shirts are available for purchase at Settlement Goods.
About the Designer: 
Selven O’Keef Jarmon is a fashion designer/ visual artist from the U.S. who has defined his career as a fashion designer working within the visual arts space as well as playing each medium off each other as social and cultural commentary.  Under his own Label - “Selven O’Keef Jarmon”, he has produced two seasonal collections a year, costumes for various theatre productions and was a Ghost Designer for Tootsies boutiques before moving to South Africa in 2003. Inspired by a desire to incorporate social consciousness into his work, Selven used South Africa as a conduit for channeling interest into the visual art space while connecting with the social, cultural and political climate there. His visual output in South Africa includes the designing and conceptual development of the Academic Regalia Aesthetic for Walter Sisulu University while incorporating master class training in gown construction, community seamstress in the Eastern Cape, the development of “New Imaginations for School Uniforms - (NISU),” a project for high school students funded by the Nelson Mandela Institute, and the KWANDA Reality Makeover Show for prime time TV South Africa (13 episodes). Within the scope of the KWANDA TV Show, Selven founded the KWANDA Klothing Label as a collective group of South African fashion graduates. Since moving back to the U.S. in 2010, Selven has been included in the Perspectives 144 exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, group show exhibitions at Pouissant Gallery, Deborah Colton Gallery's featured artist exhibition, and Neiman Marcus Dallas' Downtown Store Windows for the Dallas Art Fair. His work has been frequently documented in numerous articles and periodicals, TV and audio media including the recently published Texas Artist Today's coffee table book. His work is in the Private Collections of Artists and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. 

About the Store: 
Settlement Goods & Design is a boutique specializing in American brands and designers. Settlement's philosophy is "what’s made close to home is better for you," and they believe in collaborating and supporting local and American designers to create superbly special items. Owners and designers, Gene and Jenny Schlief Morgan and Alicia Redman, share in the desire to raise awareness of the talents of their neighbors and friends. This is their first collaboration with a local Houston designer and the second collaboration in total.

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  1. Oh wow! I have to check out Settlement Goods! This tee is my new wan tie!! Thank you for turning me on to this amazing US designer!!! kisses...

    -Lauren at adorn la femme


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