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// Vanessa Bruno drape front top / F21 cardigan / Joa + Closet ponte pants / Faux/Real softCORE necklace from Pour Porter / vintage boots // 

Have you ever met an item that spoke to you?  Well, this necklace from Faux/Real did just that.  Actually I'm pretty enamored by everything that comes out of the creative clutches of the artsy duo.  Humor-injected wearable sculptures is pretty much how I would describe their jewelry.  Check out their site, and you'll see what I mean.  

Bringing back the drapey stuff again.  Ever since my infatuation with everything Marant and French style in general, I've pushed some of my more modern silhouettes to the side.  Well... they're back.  It feels good to revive some old familiar shapes and cuts.  I have to say, taking a step back from the blogosphere has been quite enjoyableI've let my Google Reader rack up more than 1,000 unread posts, and I've been pretty laid back about posting.  Having started this blog more than 3 years ago as a creative outlet for law school, I've had my fair share of growing pains.  Ultimately, I love being able to have a platform to talk about fashion, food, and travels whether it's just me listening to myself or you guys who are nice enough to stick around.  Just wanted to say thanks. :)


  1. Thanks to you for sharing your impresions.
    What happened to you with that necklace actually happens very few times but when it happens you have to follow it, with no questions.
    Also love your top and cardi.

    Cat kisses dear!

  2. Loved that you popped in to post. I totally understand how liberating it can be to step away from blogging (or blog reading, as in my case), so I don't blame you for the break at all. Still love your style, thanks for sharing!


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