Date with the Night

// Gap sweater over vintage dress / tights c/o Kushyfoot / vintage purse / Colonial Madness boots / Pac-Man necklace gifted from friend //

Got my Krueger stripes on for a night of bands. One band that stood out in particular is Ishi. Seriously great energy and come to find out later, they're from the same music school as Neon Indian. Ones to watch if you ask me.

The weather here is getting quite cool lately, and I like it. I was sent over another pair of massaging tights from Kushyfoot and perfect timing too. The first pair has lasted me a year and is still going strong. They're sooo comfortable and have become
my favorite pair of black tights (although they do come in other colors and patterns). Besides being super soft microfiber, they also have raised massaging soles that add an extra cushion for your feet. Perfect for when you're wearing high-heeled boots. You can never have enough tights but these are my go-tos for the winter.

There's still time to enter the Shopbop giveaway. The deadline is only a few days away, so don't forget to get in on the action!

// Ishi "Pastel Lights" //


  1. I love the effects on your photos! So pretty! xoxo Marissa


  2. loving the blog layout and that awesome jumper!! <3 how did you get your pictures like that!

    hope you are well! its been too long!visit again soon

    love sammy xxxxx


  3. i love your style, inspiring <3

    I noticed you have a post on united nude. I loove their shoes I just can't find them in my size. sigh.

    I followed your blog, hope you follow mine <3

    xoxo champagne

  4. love the effects of these photos. xx

  5. ohi love your striped sweater!!! and your boots are so cute :)


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