Artist Spotlight: Fernando Ramirez

It always amazes me how many super talented and artistic people I'm surrounded by. Houston is known for its business and oil, but did you know we have a very well supported art sector as well? I figured it was about time that I started an artist feature to showcase some of the talented folks out here. To kick off my artist series, I'm bringing you the beautifully detailed and mysterious world of Fernando Ramirez.

Your illustrations remind me of this old comic book I had from the '20s with very crude humor. Have you ever made comic books and do you think they could be in your future?
  • I often did create comic -like- books when I was a kid. As for the current, my body of work no longer focuses on building singular narratives but is directed towards documenting literal experiences, with social life, pop culture, and history. I'd like to classify myself as an objectivity painter, or a matter-of -factness drawer because none of the works I create are purely fabricated.
Each one of your drawings is so involved. Do they all have a story or do you sometimes just draw as you go?
  • Each Drawing, and character has a its own built in history. Yes, my work does have a busy nature but it subject matter is far from the complexity of my craft. My motive is to share as much information with my audience as possible. I want the viewer to find an experience in the work that is familiar or comforting - if they can do that, they solved 50% of the idea behind it . To me it's unimportant that viewers understand every inch of detail because my work isn't personal, it's open, foaming at the mouth, and easy to digest much like your favorite meal.
So your day job also intrigues me... tell us about your jewelry designing gig and can you share some of the pieces that you helped create?
  • I work as a concept artist for "Ila& i", a manufacture of high end jewelry. You may visit there website (ilaandi.com) and view some delightfully inspired jewelry I helped design.
Tell us about your new project involving 10,000 mini portraits and where can my readers get themselves one?
  • Currently this project is still undergoing construction so no person is able to purchase them at this point. I hope to resolve this project by summer 2012 and install them at one of my favorite non-profit gallery.
What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?
  • Hilarious,Hindering, Hairy
Finally, if you could be any rock star who would it be?
  • Hmm. I 'd have to pass on this one because I don't believe in envy.
Check out more works at Fernando's blog


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