Why, Hello There

Jen: Modcloth colorblock dress / ALDO heels / caviar ring
Jaloux dress / Faryl Robin booties / tricolored necklace from local shop / vintage bag

Oh, where have the days gone? Is it halfway through September already?

My friend, Jen, and I had a little girls' night at one of my favorite wine bars in the city, 13 Celsius. Yes, sophistication is now my middle name! (who am I kidding?) Great rustic atmosphere, a very ample wine menu, and located in the secluded part of downtown (away from the hustle and bustle and you can actually find parking!). Now if only I had a distinguished palate when it came to wine. I'm more of a vodka Sprite kind of girl, but for an intimate night with a friend, it was nice doing something different and enjoying each other's company and stories.

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// Caribou "Sun" //


  1. Hey you both look great there! I love your dresses.

    Have a nice thursday
    See you!

  2. Hah, I'm hosting a Kranich's giveaway too! ; )

    Anyway, your dress is lovely and the shoes! are. beyond. awesome!

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