Pacific Breeze

Old Town San Diego

Day: // vintage linen blazer / Rag & Bone knit tank / Target ponte pants / vintage riding boots / Desmo bag / gold nugget necklace by Anthem (bday gift from hubby!) //
Ocean Beach Park
Night: // Isabel Marant Etoilé jacket / Rag & Bone knit tank / Target ponte pants / Minimarket wedges / Desmo bag / Obaku watch //

We just got back from our whirlwind trip to beautiful San Diego. I could really get used to the weather, scenic mountains, white sand beaches, and the list goes on... This trip only makes my urge to move out of this city even stronger. I definitely have a case of wanderlust.


  1. i'll be in SD next week! the weather is kind of perfect there, isn't it? BTW, LUV that Isabel Marant jacket!

  2. love your style girl! SD is such a fun place to visit. theres so much to do/see/eat! im actually heading down there this weekend. xx

  3. Love this outfit! That Isabel Marant jacket just perfectly pulls it all together.

  4. I really love this last outfit... so effortless. I live here in San Diego and your photos are doing us justice ;)

  5. nice blazer. I'm loving blue at the moment.


  6. elauinc: Hope you had a wonderful time in SD. I really like California in general and wouldn't mind moving there someday...

    cryskay: Yes, there are a lot of things I plan on doing when I return! It's such a vibrant city!

    Ilyana: Thank you! The IM jacket was a recent buy which I don't regret one bit. Really a great investment piece!

    The Annachrist: That's great to hear! Well, I loved my experience there and hope to return soon!

    Maddie Claire Beau: Maddie, I'm definitely having a blue moment too. I think I have about three blue blazers in my closet right now!


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