Ready for Some Ameeenals?

San Diego Zoo
Creepy eye tree
Balboa Park
Up the coast

Just goofing around

For anyone who might be considering taking a short trip to San Diego, this is the itinerary we came up with as we went along:

Day 1:
  • Arrived in SD at 1pm, picked up rental car (convertible a must!), and checked into hotel
  • Drove to Ocean Beach (where the opening sequence of Almost Famous was filmed)
  • Visited Old Town San Diego for some overly touristy ambience
  • Spent our night in the Gaslamp District and had dinner at and had this and this
Day 2:
  • Woke up early, walked through Balboa Park, and made sure to allot several hours for the San Diego Zoo (bring your walking shoes!)
  • Had lunch at and ate this
  • Drove up the coast through Pacific Beach, Del Mar, and Encinitas to take in that Pacific breeze
  • Cruised through the mountains to Escondido
  • Had good & cheap Mexican food at JV's and had the best mole ever
  • Went down to Coronado to visit the lovely historic Hotel del Coronado
  • Returned to the Gaslamp District for a nightcap at The Lincoln Room

All in all, I felt like we got a lot out of our trip even though it was a mere 2 days. If I had more days to spend, I would have seen Coronado during the day, stopped at all the coastal towns we passed through, and visited the museums in Balboa Park. Just a warning though, it's absolutely gorgeous there so you might get hooked.


  1. Love these photos, so cute! I want the panda haha. All the animals look adorable.

    Carmen Ri.

  2. There really were so many cute animals in one place! Everyone needs to check out the San Diego Zoo at one point in their lives.


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