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// Forever 21 flannel top / Serfontaine shorts / Sigerson Morrison boots / belt from Marshall's / Zara purse //

Austin is one of those towns you just can't get enough of. The town is super laid back, but there's always something going on. Bryan and I were in town this past weekend to see British rock band, Wire. Before the show, our friends who moved to Austin recently took us to a '50s-inspired bowling alley called The Highball. All the retro decor from the sputnik lamps to the vinyl cushioned highbacks really struck a chord with me. Plus, the rich colors came off classy and cool rather than cheesy.

The place was far beyond just a bowling alley though. It appeared to be a rockabilly night with live music and dancing and... the food was fabulous. I never would have thought I'd be singing the praise of bowling alley food, but I was pleasantly surprised. I indulged in Dr. Pepper ribs and fries that came with a side of demi-glaze sauce, while our friends enjoyed the quail wings. {Other food items eaten but not pictured: Baller cheese plate, New York Strip (my friend says it's the 2nd best she's ever eaten), and the blackened fish Blue Plate special} It was a good night overall besides feeling sick and light-headed in the middle of the show. Yep, legendary reunion show, and my normally chipper self decides to take a nose dive. Still not sure what hit me, but everything turned out fine in the end. Nothing a little water and sitting at the bar with your hands propped against your head can't fix.

By the way, here are two Austin bands I've been totally diggin' lately:

MoTel Aviv

The Black and White Years

Both amazing bands live.


  1. Love the last photograph and love the way you styled your clothes! Awesome! You and Jessica have great style!!


  2. wow i can't believe all that food is from a bowling alley either! haha it looks scrumptious mmm. your blog is adorable, im following. hope you can do the same :)






  3. You are rocking that outfit! :)

    Those fries look mad delicious and I got hungry just looking at them haha.

    The Cat Hag

  4. I am so insanely jealous of you right now! Austin is one of my favorite cities and I miss living there so much. While you're there, make sure that you visit Feathers on South Congress for amazing vintage, Sno Beach for the best snowcones ever, Torchy's Tacos for a Trashy Trailerpark that will change your life, and if you get the chance you need to go see a movie at one of the Alamos (because there is no other movie-watching experience quite like it). I hope you have a ton of fun! xoxo Marissa



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