I Love Me Some Mudbugs

// vintage dress, belt, necklace, and purse / By Paige fox loafers from SoleStruck //

Jessica and I devoured some of her deeeelicious crawfish the other night and boy, were they good! She perfected her recipe, so the spices were just right! I've never had home-boiled crawfish, but I am now very much inspired to try cooking them myself. Just hope those little suckers don't give me as much of a hard time they gave Jess when she was trying to cook them. Eeeep!

I'm pretty much in love with my new fox shoes. There is one thing I believe every girl needs and that's a good pair of versatile black flats. I've been looking for a pair with just that extra something special, and I found them! They come in a variety of animals, but these in particular remind me of one of my favorite movies, Fantastic Mr. Fox. I don't know if any of you got a chance to read the interview of the By Paige designer on Solestruck's blog, but how cool is it that she's from Houston?! I think I found a new obsession and will have to stop by her shop to see the rest of her designs in person. If you're considering a pair, purchase a half size bigger. They're super comfy, and I can't recommend them enough!


  1. those crawfish look so good. You make me crave seafood now :(
    Can you share your recipe with us, I would love to cook something like that for my boyfriend^^
    Anyway you look gorgeous as usual. Keep the good work :)

  2. In love with those slipper shoes... Wish we had SoleStruck in the UK!


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