Just Around the Corner

Bryan's most Ari moment.

Remember these guys?

The anatomy of a Monte Cristo ball.

My Fraggle self donning my new Little O by wolfbrother necklace. I love!!

The weather has really warmed up these past few weeks. So warm, in fact, that I'm wearing a tank and shorty shorts (which I did not capture in all their glory). I've recently subscribed to several event lists for Houston after Bryan complained that we weren't getting out much. Lo and behold, things are actually happening in my city all the time!

I captured these photos at the Menil Community Arts Festival which was just a skip and a hop away from our home.

What is everyone else up to lately? Are you taking advantage of the warmer weather?


  1. love these pictures!!!!! jelous of the warmth!! its getting into winter here xx

  2. such cool photos!! It looks like a good time :)

  3. amazing pics! looks like a fun day!

  4. I'm in love with the colous of these pics! You look great!
    Thanks for comment my post blog :)


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