6 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

I like pampering myself once in awhile, but to tell you the truth, I'm not big into beauty products. I try to keep it simple and quick. Even so, hubby still complains I spend way too long in the bathroom. It's really because my eye makeup routine requires special attention. You really need patience for liquid eyeliners! Here are six things I have constantly re-purchased and get really antsy if I don't have on or with me.

1. Avon Dew Kiss
I've practically used this my entire life. My mom would always order this when she was an Avon lady. I have never been able to switch over to any other lip gloss that has satisfied me quite like this one. It's super moisturizing, cheap, and pink! I buy a whole arsenal of these from Ebay.

2. Almay 16-Hour Liquid Eyeliner
This is the ONLY eyeliner I have tried that will stay on my dewy lids. I try to buy these two at a time since stores tend to run out of the black.

3. Mascara (+ eyelash curler)
Any mascara will do as long as it doesn't clump or flake. I tend to use two at a time- one for lengthening and another for volume. Currently, I use Maybelline "Define-a-Lash" for lengthening and Maybelline "The Colossal" when I want that extra volume.

4. Blush
I actually just started using blush last year. I never thought I needed it because my cheeks tend to flush easily, and I'm naturally rosy. However, I tried it once for kicks, and to this day, I haven't looked back. That extra pink glow really does wonders!

5. Watson's Facial Absorbent Paper
The bane of my skin existence is that it becomes oily within a couple of hours. Again, I buy these in bulk from Ebay. The ones I purchase come in packs of 5 and each pack is a different color. These are the best ones I've tried for the value. The sheets are pretty large and can be used on both sides. I stash these in my car and in every purse.

6. Moisturizer
So you would think that my oily skin would keep me from having to always use moisturizer but no. My skin is the driest in the mornings after I have washed my face. I always start with an oil-free, mattifying moisturizer, and then follow up with any other type of moisturizer I have around the house for the parts that are still dry. This requires me to tote around a portable tube of lotion at all times. Good thing hubby is always staying in hotels because he brings home the mini-lotions for me. Thanks babe.

As you can see, I don't use any fancy, expensive makeup. I just don't believe in the hype. My local drugstore seems to offer me everything I need. Plus, if something doesn't work out, I can just try something else with no remorse. I do have a soft spot for Clinique products just because my mom used it when I was growing up. I swear by their Long Last lipsticks!

Do you have any recommendations for beauty must-haves?


  1. Vaseline! That's my absolute must have for it's many uses and cheap price!

  2. I LOVE the nail polish especially the blue. Thank you!!!

  3. (This is going to be long.)

    Let me tell you a few things that have done wonders for my own really oily combination skin!

    I have a terribly oily t-zone. Like you, my make up always migrated or became shiny to the point of slick and stuff after a couple of hours, but after I discovered these two product that I use together, my make up hasn't gotten super oily, my foundation and concealer stay in place, and I hardly ever have to blot as much. This makes me so chuffed, because as a green activist, it's hard for me to reconcile that trees are cut to make blotting papers, or that so much carbon is emitted and water wasted to make the plastic blotting sheets.

    I'm a freak.

    Anyway, I found that The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion (link: http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/tea-tree/prod170266) works wonders for combatting blemishes while also miraculously completely taming shine and oil. I don't know how it works. I know it tingles a LOT when you first put it on. I think the tea tree oil gets into the pores which calms the skin, then it's got mattifying elements in the lotion that kick down shine. And I'll tell you, it works all day.

    I layer it under my normal Neutrogena SPF 70 Ultrasheer sunblock moisturizer (it's straight up sunblock, but it works as well as a normal facial moisturizer for the day). Then I layer a light eye moisturizer (L'Oreal Revitalift Eye)--I find it works as an eye primer.

    Once the spf moisturizer dries, I put on Smashbox Photo Finish primer in the green formula (dries clear), which is the one that calms redness. I'm assuming the apricot coloured one with SPF 15 works just as well... But I swear by the green one (link: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P9889). I've used tons of different primers including the clear Smashbox Photo Finish product, and none of them have ever lived up to the Green one! My eye make up hardly ever creases, my concealer stays put, my nose barely slicks up and my make up is still intact at the end of the day.

    I know it sounds like an ordeal, but honestly, once I open the tea tree tube, from start to finish, the application of all these products takes like 5 minutes. If I put the tea tree stuff and then the moisturizer on before I brush my teeth, it's like a breeze.

    Last breakthrough product:
    Maybelline EyeStudeio Gel eyeliner. It's smudge, water, oil proof and lasts for more than 15 hours, I can tell you. It lasted through a 6 hour wedding and the 9 hours of Las Vegas debauchery that followed. When I got to the hotel that night, my make up looked as fresh as when I had walked out the door. LINK: (http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?skuId=2213592&productId=xlsImpprod1790211&navAction=push&navCount=1&categoryId=cat80042) I bought mine at Target, though. I've only used it for the last 3 weeks, but it's above and beyond a better eyeliner than any other ones I've ever used, including that Almay one (it's easier to apply) and even Stila's "budge proof" smudge pot cream liner.

    Sorry to run on and on, but since I discovered these products over the last month, I swear, they're changing my life... okay, maybe not, but they make a huge difference on my face. And they help me save trees. Win win.

    Maeko. thereafterish.

  4. i'll so be trying the dew kiss.. it sounds and looks awesome!

  5. Looks like alot of people do very different things to there skin.. I am very acne prone since I hit my twenties.

    It sucks for sure, but yeah, I can't live without my cetaphil moisturizer/cleanser and my shea butter and benzoyl peroxide to get rid of my skin blemishes.

    Shea butter is recently new for me, only been using it for the past 3-4 months. It works so well! and it takes away inflammation so there's no red spots on the skin.
    I can't live without this stuff now haha.

    I might just try that lip gloss. I woke up with cracked lips, it's so fustrating! and I even put vaseline on them before bed. zzz.

    The only brand name make up I'm committed to is laura mercier! I would check the line out, the mascara's are probably the best I've ever bought. And they're good for contact lense wearers (like me). :)

    I should do a beauty post soon.
    I love your blog!

  6. Jojoba oil is ice in a hurry if you don't have moisturizer, because it won't make you break out and isn't very greasy.

  7. Well these are quite expensive but Dior iconic, yvsl everlong and clinique naturally glossy mascaras are the best :)

  8. i'm not one for make up usually, as i'm only fourteen, although i can't live without my eyelash curler and a tiny bit of mascara & eyeliner! ooh and some clear gloss does wonders :) lovely post and very gorgeous blog! have a fantastic weekend ♥

  9. I love every thing witch includes makeup ;)

    and thank you very much for commenting my blog :>

  10. i remember that dew kiss stuff! those things used to get passed out every christmas by one of my aunts!

    did you take these pictures? i love the first one! so 90's.

  11. daisychain: I have never used Vaseline in my beauty routine, but I have heard many great things about it! Don't they use it at pageants?

    Samantha Simple: Glad you received the polishes! Have fun with them!

    Maeko: WOW! Thank you for such great tips! I will be trying out some of your suggestions. I'm very open to new products and hopeful that I can always find something better than what I'm currently using. Thanks for taking the time out to let me know what has worked for you!

    Randi Troxell: You should! I never leave home without it!

    skeleta: I have a large container of Cetaphil sitting in my shower. I love how gentle it is. Unfortunately, I can't use benzoyl peroxide. It gives me red itchy bumps. I usually stick to salicylic acid.

    I will check out Laura Mercier. Man, I need to start making a list of items I need to get!

    grace: I did take the pictures. Awesome! I love the 90s! I guess most of my memories did come from that era.


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