Let the Sunshine In

F21 chambray top : vintage belt : Romeo & Juliet Couture zipper pant : Jeffrey Campbell "Pixie" wedges

Sorry for the lack of scenery but being in class and working all day severely limits my time in the outside world. I envy bloggers who are able to capture the lovely view about town with a personal photographer to boot. With my hubby's erratic schedule and my time spent mostly in the classroom and office, the only rays I've been catching lately have been from my cockatiel, Sunny. Have I mentioned that I'm a bird lover? It's not that I don't love dogs or cats, but once I discovered birds as pets, I was hooked. They have huge personalities, can be quite affectionate, and also equally bratty. I have two more little birdies but will bring them out another time. One is more than I can handle at the moment. ;)

Call me the crazy bird lady or whatnot, but they are such lovely creatures and seemed to have found a nice little place in my heart. I sometimes unexpectedly find myself taking a trip to my favorite local bird shop, Adventures in Birds, just to take a peek at their latest avian selection.

Anybody else out there with a pet bird and/or is as enamored with birds as I am?


  1. i'm so with you on the lack of time/light/everything situation! it's like, in my head i have all of these great outfits and shoots planned out. but i have zero time to get them done! i do have a boyfriend who is a photography major with a nikon d90, so i guess i'm lucky there. but either way, don't get discouraged because i love what i see without the prime lighting or personal photographer (: cuuuute bird and simple yet very chic outfit.

  2. Teresa, it doesn't matter where you shoot as long as the pics are not blurry and we can see your outfit really well. You did well even if you did the shoot indoors.

    I love how you styled the chambray top. Very chic! xoxo

  3. i know how exactly how you feel. . .sometimes i wish I had my own personal photographer 24/7. haha


  4. Your bird is lovely

    Your comment on my blog was very intelligent, I thought!

    I'm going to check out yours :)

  5. you look totally great with this belt.

  6. Love the shirt!
    We've got a family budgie. But I'm still scared of birds, funnily enough, haha.

  7. the first photo is so beautiful

  8. Thanks for your comment, nice blog !

  9. What a beautiful bird! and i love your belt :)


  10. Merci d'être passée sur notre blog !

    Des bisous de Céline & Charlotte

  11. Thanks for the comment! Isn't it great to look through your closet and appreciate what you already have. Hehehe* I really like your blog & your style :)


  12. "I envy bloggers who are able to capture the lovely view about town with a personal photographer to boot" - i agree completely!

    your cockatiel is adorable.

  13. Love your blog, its great!
    Please come visit my blog,

  14. love the fresh face make-up and bright nail polish.

    and i completely agree with what you said about bloggers with their own photographers. oh well self-timers work too hah

  15. that first picture is awesome! and im gonna borrow my boyfriend's jean shirt this weekend, and copy your look a little bit.

  16. great photos, beatiful bird and i like your belt

    visit, leave your mark and follow

  17. That is a pretty bird! I've never had a bird as a pet, but they do seem like they'd be good company! Also, I love love love your belt!

    And thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it :)


  18. I love that top/tunic. I may have to do a quick F21 run this week to find it.

  19. GORGEOUS post!!
    love the blog
    stop by some time! xx

  20. that parrot is so cute,3
    love that shirt!

  21. I adore the Jeffrey Campbell wedges!

  22. confessions of a marc addict.: Yes, yes, yes! Time is definitely a scarcity! You are one lucky gal to have a photographer boyfriend. My hubby is willing to learn all he needs to know though. A Nikon D90 is actually what I'm planning to get soon! Can't wait!

    Leah: Thank you so much! That's a very sweet comment. With no time to capture the outdoors, you learn to get creative with what you've got.

    The Starving Stylist: Sigh... yes, all we need is a personal assistant with photography skills a must!

    Romany: My other two birds are budgies. They can be quite feisty and actually bite harder than my cockatiel. Yeah, a lot of people I know are scared of birds too. Those crazy beaks can be intimidating!

    kimvee: Absolutely! I'm totally working my way through my closet. It's amazing how much stuff I didn't know I had!

    grace: Isn't it great how the oversized trend has doubled our wardrobe? We need to look no further than our significant other's closet!

    Ashley: Yes, birds can be great companions. They can be very silly and sweet.

    Fashion Therapist: Thank you! I just purchased the top/tunic recently so hopefully you will be able to find it.

  23. I absolutely love that belt with the chambray tunic. The pop of color is perfect!

  24. oh Jeffrey Campbell, my favorite!
    thanks for the kind post.

  25. Lovely photos and what a cute little bird!

  26. thanx for ur comment.
    i don't really like birds, but urs is REALLY lovely. HAHAHAHA. he looks sweet and funny :) !


  27. wow you are way too cute! i am loving your blog (and am totally following you!)

    i am totally in agreement with you on the long maxi dresses as opposed to minis (although i'm not a fan of the ridiculously summery/flowy maxi dresses that were the trend this past year. i love the idea of the tighter and slimmer maxi with long sleeves. how delicious!

    - Robbin

  28. Love the belt & the photos!

    xx, Melissa

  29. love, love, love your chambray shirt!

  30. thanks for your comment :)

    i've got the same problem with taking pics, most of all is the tiresome 'pressing the self timer button then running back in place to take picture and repeat'!
    love your blog xx

  31. Gorgeous outfit. I love chambray atm too.

    And adorable bird! Lovely blog.

    TEE&FAME x

  32. amazing outfit! looks fab on your and the pictures are so awesome, like how you used the birdie:)


  33. Oh my gosh! I had a cockatiel too! Except my mum left the cage open outside.. so he used it as an opportunity to escape :( They are such awesome birds, and they do have quite a big personallity haha

    Love your denim shirt dress and those boots! I've been lusting after a nailpolish like yours for ages.. i might just have to buy one now!

    P.S thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)


  34. thank you so much for your lovely comment. I really adore your look. and your nailpolish looks gorgeous!

  35. Love this simple combination!!

  36. daydreaminblue: Yes, I've gotten rather good at running back and forth and pressing the button! I could probably do it with my eyes closed!

    Goodle.: I'm sorry about your bird! I rarely take mine outside, but I have a leash for it for when I do.

    The nail polish in the pic is one of my faves! It's a gorgeous color in person too!

  37. I like this outfit!
    And so I like the bird hihi ;p

  38. Love this look, simple but effective!

  39. hi there!

    i love your lipstick in this post? what color is it?

  40. Clouds of Tulle: It's by Benefit, but I don't remember what the name is and it's not on the lipstick. I purchased it several years ago, but I'm sure they probably still have it or something similar.


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