Give Me an Anchor and Two Buoys

Spring & Clifton tunic : vintage shell necklace : White Mountain boots : vintage saddle bag : gifted crystal and jade bracelets : braided leather cuff from London

The weather is finally starting to get a little nicer here although I wouldn't pull out the shorts and sandals just yet. Instead, I found nautical-inspired stripes on a comfy sweater tunic to be the perfect way to ease into the warmer spring season. I am also looking forward to summer, however, the months are going to be bittersweet. I will have finally graduated from law school, but I'll be spending every waking moment studying for the Bar. I better start getting acquainted with all my local coffee shops!


  1. love these boots!
    & this outfit is so cute and simple:)


  2. That stripy tunic and shell necklace so remind me of the lovely things my mum used to wear when she was my age... Too bad she has thrown away most of it, I'd love to get my hands on something similar!

  3. I am in love with that top. I'm slightly obsessed with horizontal stripes and I love the shape of this top.

  4. that first photo is so trippy haha but really great.

    p.s. you win at life because of the title of this post!

    - robbin

  5. Nice blog, is my first time here and I really enjoyed it!

    See you soon.


  6. wow your tunic is perfection

  7. lopi: Moms seem to have the best vintage treasures. I actually have several items from my mom's wardrobe in the '70s which I cherish and wear.

    Fashion Therapist: I love horizontal stripes too! That classic look just keeps drawing me back to them over and over again.

    Robbin: Thanks! Winning at life is my perpetual goal! :)

  8. cute outfit! i like the bag & boots!



  9. I love how Parisian-Sailor this look is! You look fabulous! Oh, & your bangs are PERFECTION!


  10. i love that top and the shoes<3
    gorgeous darling

  11. Like your bag! Looks like a Chloe one I've had my eye on!

    Good luck studying for the Bar! I practically lived at Borders when I was studying for it in 07. I recommend buying a seat cushion. You look like a huge dork, but your ass will thank you!

  12. phi-style: Thank you! I'm going to need all the luck I can get! Recommending a seat cushion is a start. I don't mind looking like a huge dork if it means keeping my derriere comfy! ;)


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