Creature of Comfort

I gravitate to clothing that is comfortable which often means soft fabrics and classic style. Things that keep me in comfort mode these days are:

+ fitted denim
+ soft tees
+ chucks

Gap Kids jean jacket : Target boyfriend tee : Tripp NYC skinnies : Converse sneakers : Betsey Johnson buckle bracelet : Invasionista cross bracelet

What do you wear that makes YOU most comfortable? And if you say 5-inch heels, then I salute you!

I will be leaving for Austin today for SXSW festivities. Bryan's band will be playing at The Hype Machine's Lose Control Pre-Party tonight, so come by and have a drink or two with us!

Also check out the event Facebook page for more details here.

A shout-out to the lovely Tram of Phi-Style and Clouds of Tulle for coming out and catching the Glasnost show yesterday at Boondocks. It was great meeting you and your friends!


  1. I really like that bracelet of yours!

  2. wow! you fit gap kids! i'm so jealous :| hehe

    you look very comfortable yet cute. i love wearing skirts and leggings. i feel like i can sit like a boy and move however i'd like :)

    have fun in austin!!! wish i could be there to meet the beautiful you. <3

  3. Well, you totally rock the comfortable look! My choice is biker boots but I've been meaning to get a pair of chucks and probably tweak them a bit - some studs and paint maybe :)...

  4. i love this outfit - simple and chic. and the bracelet is awesome!

  5. hello, It was nice meeting you Monday at boondocks!

  6. I think I just fell in love with your cross charm-bracelet, where can I get one? Also I love being comfy too - DM's, tights, jersey shorts and my fur jacket never go a miss!

  7. Clouds of Tulle: Yes, it was wonderful meeting you and Tram! Thanks so much for coming out! :)

    Lydia Hope: I will be making more of the cross bracelets and make a post as soon as they're available. Thank you for your interest!

  8. Such a basic look yet makes a totally great impression :)
    have a happy weekend :)

  9. Chucks are a staple in my wardrobe no matter what!

    Maeko, thereafterish.


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