Home is Where the Heart Is

and apparently, where all my attention has gone.

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After several friends noticed I've been MIA from the Blogosphere, I'm here to dispel the rumor that I will be offline forever.  It's true that home life tend to get most of my focus these days, but I've really missed this special place where I can share my arbitrary ramblings.  So here I am, settling nicely in the new home and enjoying the little things including watching my cats' butts jiggle as they run down the stairs.

We've officially been in the home for three months, and I know there's a Housewarming just around the corner. I feel like there is still so much to do but alas, it's probably time to pick a date.

With the home filling up much of my mind, I hardly have any time to think about clothes.  I did, however, pick up some sale pieces online at MadewellDamn you internet, you make it too easy.  Here are the newest items in my arsenal:

Triomphe Striped Scarf 

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Light, gauzy scarf repping the red, white, and blue.  Is it Team France or Team USA?  You decide.
{found here}

Sahara Short-Sleeve Jacket

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I've wanted the Current/Elliot Infantry jacket when it first came out but never pulled the trigger.  Many seasons later, I'm finally able to get my hands on a similar version.  I'm kinda liking the fact that this one doesn't have a clunky belt at the bottom.  Plus, with the sale, I was able to scoop it up for about $40. Not bad.

I purchased the XS when it was still available, but you can get S and M here. Go one size smaller than usual since it has an oversized fit.

Black Paisley Romper
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I know there's still quite a bit of summer left for me to wear this. No product pic but here's one of Jamie Chung looking real cute in hers. 

As if I couldn't get enough paisley, I also bought the shirt version in red.

Lately, I've been leaning towards minimal dressing such as pieces from a fave site of mine, Everlane.  It's hard not to want every slouchy tee they sell since they keep coming out in such beautiful colors! So far, I have the Cotton U-Neck in Copper (XS), the V-neck in Merlot and Forest (S), and the Silk Round Collar in Marine (S).  I really love the company- its transparency, prices, and products.  I'm looking forward to stocking up on some of the sweaters soon. And oh, Petra bag, I have my eye on you!

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  1. beautiful scarf :) enjoy your new home :D

    xoxo. rae


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