Douglas and Bec

Trying to move on from Ikea furniture is no easy task especially when you love Scandinavian simplicity.  As a compromise, I like to venture out and find furniture in the same vein but with a little more of that "je ne sais quoi." Douglas and Bec, a family-run New Zealand company, embodies everything I find appealing about the style- light woods, sleek silhouettes, and a subtle hint of metal.  All furniture is handmade by Douglas, the designer's father. 

 photo doug_zpsea6df106.jpg

 photo doug2_zps72c94b9a.jpg

 photo doug3_zps14542bf0.jpg

 photo doug6_zpsa19ee52a.jpg

 photo doug5_zpsd11393e6.jpg

 photo doug4_zps775c0ff8.jpg

 photo doug8_zpsc0b2e86e.jpg

 photo doug7_zps162bc2e2.jpg

I can sit here all day envisioning these items in a bright lofty space.

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