Vintage Valentino

// vintage Valentino blouse / Flying Monkey jeans / White Mountain boots {gorgeous tall version here} / gifted kitty purse //

You won't often find me in florals, but this shirt was too good to pass up. Found it at my favorite vintage store in Austin, Feathers. I've mentioned the shop before but seriously, you guys, if you are EVER in Austin, you need to stop by this place. It's not huge so it's great for those short on time, and many of the racks are organized by style so if '70s boho is not your thing, then you can quickly move on. And hey, the prices are reasonable which is always a plus! This silk blouse is one of the treasures I picked up from my last visit. I love the print, which kinda reminds of old Victorian wallpaper.  I never would have thought mustard and burgundy meshed as a color combo, but they seem to work in perfect harmony here. 


  1. Ahh that shirt really is wonderful! And that cute kitty bag too :)


  2. Agree - that shirt is definitely working! Love it! And I love Feathers as well!

    1. Yes, I'm such a fan of that place! I make sure to stop by every time I'm in Austin.

  3. You're right, that's such a good color combo but one I might not have thought of!


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