Crazy Bout Sherpa

// Zara top and jeans / Isabel Marant Dicker boots / diy sherpa bag / vintage bracelet / Lucky Brand nautilus necklace //

I guess I've been feeling extra crafty lately or maybe I'm just tired of seeing half-finished projects lying around as a constant reminder of my growing list of things to do.  My latest project is this sherpa clutch inspired by none other than Mr. Maison Martin Margiela himself and his sheepskin clutch from a previous season of Line 11. I saw this picture and couldn't get the bag out of my mind!

Although not quite the same, my version is animal-friendly and cost only a teeny tiny fraction of the real thing.  I added a convertible chain because I like having the option of a crossbody.  There's just something about the texture of sherpa that I love whether it's on a jacket collar or a bag or maybe it's because I grew up watching this guy...


  1. Great look! That clutch turned out awesome :)


  2. Brilliant! I love it when you can make something yourself. And adding a chain strap is genius and practical. You look lovely in the photos - since winter kind of took hold over here, the stripes have taken a bit of a step back on blogs but it's nice to see you wearing yours. Not so keen on those hoofy looking boot things the model is wearing though.

    1. Those Margiela Tabi boots are somethin', aren't they? It looks like stripes are slowly taking over my closet. I doubt winter will ever really get a hold of anything in these parts, but if they do, stripes make a great base for layering too!

  3. You look great and that DIY bag is just adorable!


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