Dazed and Excused: NYFW S/S 2013

I'm back, and there's not much I can say that isn't summed up in the following photographs. New York Fashion Week was just as I had hoped it would be and more. Although I wasn't quite expecting the heat upon my arrival (last year's photos really threw me off), the weather quickly cooled down after a sudden tornado blew through. This trip gave me the chance to see my love of fashion and photography come to life in a New York minute thanks to my friend, Jay, and my new friend, Dennis.

Charlotte Ronson

Backstage @Rebecca Taylor

Christian Siriano


And of course, good ole New York
{all images by me}

What I Learned at Fashion Week:
  • No matter how fabulous everyone else looks running around in 5-inch heels, wear your comfy shoes.
  • Models are genetic mutants or robots. Where do they find all these incredibly tall, beautiful, and skinny people?
  • Do not try to steal Getty's space in the press area. You will not succeed.
  • Oh, and don't blink, because you might miss a celebrity sighting.


  1. So incredibly cool you got to be there! This is such a great recap! Thanks so much for sharing! xx Kayin

    1. Thanks Kayin! It was a really great learning experience and hope I can go again!

  2. Teresa these photos are absolutely awesome! Love 'em! Great coverage babe! It must have been such a cool experience to be there, and I'm totally hoping to go next year! :)


    1. Thank you so much, Theresa! Yes, if we both go next year, we must meet up!

  3. I'm in love with Christian Siriano *.* love him a lot! :)
    I love your blog as well, so I follow you now! Take a lot at my blog and follow me if you think, it would be really kind :)


  4. Teresa, this seemed like a dream experience. How lucky were you to have this opportunity? It must have been amazing. The pictures are lovely - thanks for sharing them with us!


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