My friend recently repeated a quote he read somewhere that "when Instagram was down, breakfasts all over the world were left undocumented." I agreed and then quickly realized he was poking fun at me.

Yes, I'll admit, I like food... a lot. I'm the girl who daydreams about her lunch during breakfast and about breakfast before going to bed. Being a visual person, I find Instagram to be the easiest way to document all my favorite fleeting moments especially those of the Epicurean kind. If you feel as strongly about food as I do, come join me on Instagram under invasionista, where you can take part in my tasty adventures.

P.S.- I swear I have other interests too.


  1. I can't think of a day without instagram :)

  2. You should notate all the different dishes & where you ate them. I'm dying to know where those shrimp and fried chicken came from.

    1. Hey Trang,

      Thanks for the suggestion! I usually try to add the location at the top using the Geotag function, but I will try to be more thorough with the names of dishes and such.

      The fried chicken and humongo shrimp are from Branchwater Tavern!


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