What a Lovely Space You Have There

If you ever find yourself in Houston or if you live here now, I would highly encourage a visit to a little shop called Space. At one time, this spot used to house Knitta founder, Magda Sayeg's, old boutique, Raye, which inspired my love for independent fashion designers. In the same vein, it feels like Space picked up where Raye left off by showcasing the work of independent and local artists, designers, and craftsmen. Local designer, Lacy Williams, who just came out with her first collection of ├╝ber wearable and fun summer dresses had one of her dresses prominently displayed in the front window while an entire wall was dedicated to an extensive collection of Tim Doyle prints.

If you have little ones or have friends who do, don't overlook the back room where you'll find cute kid apparel and unique stuffed toys. The husband and wife duo who own Space have deemed their toddler son the "general manager" of the store, so you can be sure the inventory is kid-approved. Space is no ordinary gift shop but a gallery of curiosities with every nook and cranny filled with something wondrous. Experience it for yourself.

2608 Dunlavy
Houston, TX 77006
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