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//vintage mesh top {inspiration here} / Serfontaine shorts {similar but in faux leather here} / Abro bag / Isabel Marant boots / Obaku watch //

I was pretty sure I could replicate the Etoile Isabel Marant open weave sweaters like the Acan or Abut without paying an arm and a leg and as I suspected, my hunt finally paid off when I came across this vintage Izod top at Buffalo Exchange. Who can resist the added bonus of the kangaroo pocket? I must say BE has been pretty good to me lately. My strategy is to look for off-season pieces because the racks are less likely to be picked through and there may even be an additional discount. I found a gorgeous A.L.C. lace moto jacket in the winter coat section and it works perfectly fine as a spring/summer jacket for abnormally chilly nights or a super air conditioned room.

Ok, so tomorrow Bryan and I are off to what I like to call Houston's own little Coachella. Free Press Summer Fest has grown a tremendous amount within the past four years and has led to bigger headliners. This year, the festival features Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, The Avett Brothers, Flaming Lips performing Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" (this is going to be awesome), Primus (remember them?), and a whole slew of others. Bryan's band, A Sea Es, will be performing on the second day. I'm looking forward to seeing live music again but not looking forward to the heat. So... I guess bringing a really huge parasol is against festival etiquette?


  1. I never have such good luck at Buffalo Exchange, very impressed by your skills :) I can't believe I've never been to Austin...my hubby went for a business trip and said he LOOOOOVVEED it. Have a great time at the festival, I used to be obsessed with the Flaming Lips :)


  2. We really like your look! :)
    The top and watch are amazing.
    Take care xoxo

  3. Ahhh those Marant boots! Love! Love the knit too, great find.

    A x

  4. Nice top! I do love Buffalo Exchange.. I wonder if they ever plan to expand over here to Australia. I always find such good buys there on my trips to the US.


  5. cute title and even cuter top! hope you had fun at the music festival!



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