Rebecca Taylor F/W 2012

I've been keeping my eye on Rebecca Taylor because she seems to have all the workings I love about French style but with the accessibility of the States. Her layering and perfectly oversized coats have made my heart skip a couple of beats since checking out her newest collection. While her Spring collection was bright, light, and flowy, her latest season is dark and moody yet maintains a chic coolness. I would wear every look (and possibly add a neon scarf to the mix).

She even has a boot strikingly similar to IM's Dickers but with a neon pink lining!

The Haley Boot

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  1. oh I love these looks you selected. all so wearable. It's a shame Rebecca Taylor is not that easy to find here in Europe.

    Your blog is great, by the way. I've just added to my google reader :)


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