All Good Things

I have an on-again off-again relationship with retro. In high school, my style reflected my mom's hand-me-downs from the '70s. Since then, I have flirted with the vintage parts of my wardrobe but have not had a full on love affair. All Good Things starring one of my fashion faves, Kirsten Dunst, has peaked my interest against in all things "retro."
{Screen shots c/o Magnolia Pictures}

Based on the true story of Robert Durst, the movie shows us that Ryan Gosling can indeed play a weird dude. I don't know how much the story spread nationally, but if you're from Texas, it will probably ring a bell. The nostalgic styling rather than the creepy side of Gosling (yes, real life is stranger than fiction!) is what really called out to me in this film.

Get the look!

// vintage plaid top at Kerrilendo / Lucky Brand macrame crossbody bag / Lover wide leg jeans / No.6 Huarache clogs / Isabel Marant Handy sandals //

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  1. I love Kirsten Dunst! She has such a cool eclectic style. Great picks!

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  2. There´s always something appealing about "retro" clothing. I believe is the fact that it seems not old at times..you see runway shows and spot just updated versions of these things...other times is just plain different to whatever else you see out there and it truly makes a statement when worn in an outfit. I find myself also just going back to retro style things...though where I live there´s not many options, well at least for men.

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  3. Great retro guide. I'm especially a fan of the first photo- the rustic feel is gorgeous!


  4. Ahhhh...I am such a sucker for the retro. Great post!

  5. I love love the jeans. Such a cute style.

  6. love the isabel marant sandals!


  7. How have I never seen this film?!!

  8. does anyone know what king of sunglasses is she wearing? thanks!


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