Land of Enchantment

From Texas to New Mexico, one has to wonder how you can go from rolling plains to breathtaking mountains in no time flat. Coming back to the humid concrete jungle makes me miss the scenic views and drinking hot cocoa amidst a snow storm even more.

I basically lived in ski socks and my North Face boots the entire trip. For anyone who's traveling to a wintry climate, I highly recommend purchasing footwear made specifically for icy conditions. They were one of my best purchases for the trip and kept my feet warm, dry, and toasty. (Yes, no frozen toes!)

The ski trip was just the thing I needed both mentally and physically. I got a chance to bond with friends for an entire week, and I challenged my non-athletic self to try something new. I also had my first engagement shoot thanks to my soon-to-be wed friends (congrats Ariel + Jen!). I can't wait to share the photos later once they're ready to be revealed!


  1. So great photos;)


  2. gorgeous pics! love those hats :)



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