Freja Beha on FP

I've been noticing that Free People has been killing it with top models in their catalogs. I loved it when they had Sasha Pivovarova but now Freja?! Who knew she could rock the girly bohemian vibe like no other. Just further proof that this girl has major versatility (and staying) power.

Now cue the obsessive girl crush post I had swept away under the rug...

//photos: caroline's mode, vogue nippon, vogue uk, style by kling, tfs, mr. newton, vogue paris//

The perfect blend of androgyny and femininity.
How quickly she can go from edgy to sweet to very, very 80s still boggles my mind.


  1. she's amazing!! im surprised by free people's recent model castings as well!!! im sure they're getting paid lots of money!!!

  2. I looooove Freja! Especially her hair! I actually spent this week looking up photos of her hair as possible inspiration. =) I'm definitely not ballsy enough to cut it that awkward shoulder length though. But love the perm + bangs.

  3. Phi-Style: I agree. The shorter wavy/curly hair is definitely my favorite style on her! Her features complement the shaggy look just right.

  4. Im so in love with this girl! Thank you for ths amazing post!

    xoxo Lizzie

  5. She is on of my fav model, great photos :)

  6. Ahhh I am obsessed w Freja! She has been one of my favorites since she started. Her versatility is so impressive.

    TheStylist LA


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