This Old Town

For Bryan's birthday, we returned to his hometown of Arlington to visit his old friends and haunts. The great thing about the city is that it's smack dab in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth, giving us plenty of things to do while in the neighborhood.

I finally got to check out "The Modern" in Fort Worth, a minimal concrete building surrounded by water and filled with wondrous, contemporary treasures. I'm still kicking myself for not visiting when Ron Mueck exhibited his work there. Creepy, overly-realistic people in both gigantic and dwarflike proportions is really my thing if you didn't know.

The rest of the trip consisted of go-carts, delicious sushi, taking whiskey shots at a popular hole-in-the-wall with a surprisingly nice patio, and ending on a particularly good note with a homemade Mexican breakfast. You just can't go wrong with chorizo, Chilaquiles, and Bloody Marys on a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. the homemade breakfast is beautiful

  2. cool pictures and the food looks delicious


  3. all the food looks YUMM <3


  4. Enjoyed looking through your pictures!

    Thanks for the visit to my blog

    Duncan In Kuantan


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