The Thai Experience Pt. II

Bed Supperclub in Bangkok

Amari Orchid Pattaya

Pattaya Beach

Restaurant on the beach at The View

Stumbled upon Pattaya's Fashion Week!

Pattaya's Walking Street (a.k.a.- the Red Light District)

The finale of Top Model Cycle 6 was filmed here.

Giant Sleeping Buddha (I'm probably the size of 4 toes)

Sorry for the delay in putting up the last set of photos. I guess getting back into the groove of things took longer than I thought. Thailand felt more like an adventure with all the culture and history it had to offer. Although I don't miss the heat and humidity that hits you right when you walk out the door, I do miss eating Thai food every day, the friendly faces, and getting pampered with a 2-hour massage for a mere 12 bucks. It was wonderful while it lasted, and I would recommend the trek to anyone!


  1. Wow..amazing pictures and this looks like an amazing trip..definetely something to remember and wonderful experience I can tell

    The Black Label

  2. The hotel you stayed in looks so nice, and that Hello Kitty motorcycle made me giggle. Great pictures!

    xo, Cat

  3. everything just look so wonderful, amazing,awesome and fun i want to go lol gosh i'm little jealous of you!

  4. these photos are so good! Looked like it was such a great trip. makes me want to hop on a plane to thailand!

  5. Amazing pictures!! I do want to go someday! beautiful place to enjoy holidays.

  6. I miss the food and the dirt cheap massages the most, too. and the awesome beaches, of course! and the Buddhas, and the fruit, and the perfect weather (I like it hot), and the monkeys ... can I just go back, please?


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