Monster Mash

This year I did not dress up for Halloween just because. Maybe skipping a year of being festive helps to cut down on the candy intake? One can only hope. However, you may remember me as a koala from the previous year...

Yep, that was my contribution for 2009. This year, I celebrated by checking out the Monster Show at my favorite (and utterly the best) adult book and toy store in Houston, Domy. No, get your mind out of the gutter. I'm not talking about those adult toys. I went for their 5th annual monster-themed art opening which included works from friends and national artists. There were definitely pieces that I wanted, but I was able to walk away without burning a hole in my pocketbook. Dave would be so proud.

Afterwards, we did head out to the bar and bumped into some friends. So, in place of my would-be costume, I present you theirs.


  1. woow i love all of the photos, especially the pink skull sculpture thingy and the doughnuts! so cute :) also you're koala costume was sweet too. I was festive this year and decided that candy is unavoidable for halloween because even the years i didn't dress up or go trick-or-treating i couldn't help but hit up my super markets for some fifty percent of chocolate the next day :)! xx

  2. thank you for nice comment! come follow and i'll do the same, love your blog, your style is great!

  3. ohhh how fun! I love all those pictures on the walls of little monsters!

  4. Oooh loving these pictures. Super neat! Halloween is actually one of my favorite holidays.

    have a nice weekend.


  5. Oh how great, fun pictures!


  6. haha so fun! love these pics

  7. This place looks so rad and fun!


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