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Quattro Formaggi Pizza
Como Pizza

After a few trips to the gym, I started noticing something magical staring back at me from the across the street with its pretty twinkling lights in colors of the rainbow. The sign read "Famosi Per La Pizza." Famous for the pizza? Hmm... this required some more detective work. Bryan and I finally decided to check out the adorable cafe with a wonderful sidewalk patio. We were greeted by one of the owners, who explained that he and his brother, who moved from Italy 2 years ago, saw the concept in Miami and decided to bring it here. With colorful lamps hanging from the ceiling, the funky vibe of Piola ran right up my alley. One of the best pizzas I ever had was in Florence, so finding this Italian gem was pretty exciting.

I started out with their Green Fruit Caipirinha (Brazilian 101 proof rum, kiwi, grapes, and mint). The drink was absolutely delicious although I had to unclog my straw from the whole grapes and kiwi chunks that were keeping me away from my alcohol every time I took a sip. The waiter later brought me a spoon. Their pizzas are 12-inch individual sized thin crust pizzas. I ordered the Quattro Formaggi, which is the one I ate in Italy and brought fond memories back from that trip. Piola's version had mozzarella, gorgonzola, brie (!!), and grana padano cheese. Bryan chose the Como Pizza with Porcini mushrooms and proscuitto crudo. I enjoyed every bit of my pizza with half of it to spare. Love pizza leftovers! Bryan was less excited about his. I guess he was expecting a hearty Chicago-style pizza and this was far from that.

I'm looking forward to coming back with my lady friends who can appreciate dainty gourmet pizzas and frou frou drinks. Plus, they have all-u-can-eat gnocchi every 29th of the month, which I'll be marking on my calendar right now...


  1. Well doesn´t that look yummy xD...it looks like a great place and pizza seems delicious..I also made a good discovery here..well it was because of a friend who knew this small but very cozy restaurant hidden in one of the alleys of an historical place in my country called Casco Antiguo...she told their pizza would change my life...ohh and it sooo did xD



  2. OMG, everything looks AMAZING!!!

  3. Wow, that looks so yummy!! :)


  4. mmmm
    that really makes me hungry:))
    looks good

  5. looks so yummy...
    i just ate pizza but this still makes me want to eat again.. lol ;p


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