The Two to My One

Trudy's- yummy Tex Mex recommended by a friend. Next time I'm coming back for the stuffed avocado.

The wrong white balance mode ended up turning out pretty cool.

Stumbled across my dream home.

Dream home's mailbox.

Who keeps deer in their backyard??

Ominous clouds trying to ruin my fun.

Love the dark industrial decor at Blackmail.

Hubby takes a swing at photography. (not bad, babe)

He had me at "ruff."

Wandering around the overwhelming yet inspiring uncommon OBJECTS. This place will blow you away if you're looking for vintage home decor.

Ended our trip at Big Top, where I downed a refreshing cucumber soda and ordered an egg cream (creamy chocolate soda) for hubby but then forgot he was lactose intolerant. Oops.

The second installment of our Austin trip.


  1. Nice photo's + outfits!

  2. Great photos! Can I move into that dream home! totally love the mail box!

  3. these beautiful pictures and most of all these small cacti in the colorful dinosaurs!!


  4. what stunning photos! the deer, the dinosaurs, the puppy, and the pinup cards are all fighting for my favoritism. And that pink is just lovely on you :) xx

  5. i love those dinosaur plants....where did you find those??

  6. Ah, the puppy and deer, dinosaurs plants are really adorable. Pink is such a feminine and happy colour - it compliments your skin colour and hair. have a nice week.

  7. nice dreamhome i wish one like that too hahahaha, and those dinosours i fell in love!!! i want all of them :)


  8. grace: The dino pots are found at the artist market on South Congress Ave. in Austin.


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