Austin Night Lights

This past weekend Bryan and I took a trip out to Austin to see the Swedish psychedelic rock band, Dungen. I've never been much of a hippie, but with adorably upbeat Swedish lyrics and entrancing melodies, I've been a fan of the band's music since the first time I heard them. Lucky for us, the venue happened to be next to the Austin Daily Press trailer. If you're a food network nerd like me, then you may have been following The Great Food Truck Race. The eggplant parmesan panini definitely hit the spot!

The rest of the night consisted of bar and food truck hopping all over downtown. If you're ever in Austin and you're into sausages, then make sure you get your booty over to Best Wurst. I often crave a good dog and this place when I'm in Houston. A miracle cure if I do say so myself. I was hangover free the next morning.

More photos of A-TX in my next post. Truth be told, I would love to live in this town. Great music, topography, and a food truck on every corner. I'm diggin' it.


  1. the sunset is simply stunning! I love how the streets are busy at night!

  2. your photos made me smile. the color is super! i mean super isn't even enough. how about killer kolor! i especially liked the crowd of people sitting on the lawn and the big red text on the wall.

  3. great photos...i wanna go to austin....!!!

  4. Sam Harvey: Those people sitting on the lawn are waiting for the bats to come out from under the bridge! They flight out every night around dusk.

    grace: You would love Austin! Hope you get to go soon!


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