Out-of-the-Closet with Bianca & Elroy

I know it has been awhile since my last Out-of-the-Closet article, so I'm bringing you a two-fer! I met with two fabulous girls who are roommates and who both have very distinct styles.

First up is Elroy, the retro darling of the duo.
Style Q & A

Q: What do you do (occupation)?

I manage the accounts and do the marketing for Rebecca Lankford Designs, Inc. Rebecca Lankford is a Houston-based jewelry designer and I stay perched in the studio most days but also travel across the US visiting our accounts and doing tradeshows. Helping with the designs and picking out stones at the gemshows is my favorite part. The traveling isn't bad either.

Q: Please list 3 words that describe you.

A: adhd. loud. red.

Q: What designer(s) inspires you the most and why?

A: Jane Mayle, for her use of patterns on both fabric and cuts. Phillip Lim because he proves that you can still dress like a woman without sacrificing your dignity. However, I'd have to say movies are more inspirational: Kubric and Hitchcock films.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Meh, I guess it's a mash-up of mod-retro meets tomboy. I love the polished look of men and women from the 50's & 60's and clothing from those eras seem to flatter my figure. I'd probably dress more like a boy if I wasn't so damn curvy. I also try not to wear anything too low-cut or short... my humor is vulgar enough.

Q: Where do you like to shop locally? Are there any stores you wish were local (include name and location)?

A: Guild Shop on Dunlavy. Thrift stores on Harrisburg. I worked at Barney's in San Francisco so I've kept a lot of classics from those days. I also hit up H&M a lot when I'm traveling for work... but I have a feeling if they put one in Houston I wouldn't shop there as much.

She showed me around her space filled with sentimental art and objects.

Her closet was stocked with tons of vintage mostly collected from her time living in San Francisco.
From left to right: vintage dress, Yeojin Bae green dress, vintage Varsity cardigan, vintage dresses and fur jacket
She had plenty of modern attire as well ranging from Phillip Lim to Rag & Bone.
Rodnik top
I was drooling over her beautiful collection of Prada wallets which she picks from on a seasonal basis.
vintage dress and shoes, Anthropologie belt, grandmother's bracelets
Since working for a jewelry designer, she has become the go-to person among her friends for jewelry repairs.
Urban Outfitters fedora, Forever 21 tank, J Brand jeans, vintage belt and buckle, Zara shoes
Rebecca Lankford necklace (shorter one), Pyrrha wax seal necklace
1 out of 3 guinea pigs. All three were a riot.


Next up we have sassy lassie, Bianca.
Style Q & A

Q: What do you do (occupation)?

A: cocktail waitress/ singer

Q: Please list 3 words that describe you.

A: feisty, girly, WHIRLWIND

Q: What designer(s) inspires you the most and why?

A: I ♥ Balenciaga. Sporty, sci fi, and distorts the female figure. Little girls. I like their haircuts and cute details in clothes like ruffles, and pastels and hearts. Elderly women know what's up. deco and pin up women for wearing all the right under garments under other wise demure outfits. I think that's a nice surprise and it makes you feel sexy and much more confident knowing you're bomb shell'n under neath that dress

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: My style would be girly Anna Sui/Betsey Johnson induced sci fi dolly vampire that likes to play sports and spank you

Q: Where do you like to shop locally? Are there any stores you wish were local (include name and location)?

A: Sex shops. They never fail to come through. Forever 21 if i just HAVE to buy something. Online: Etsy (lots and lots of Etsy) Pixie Market, Shop Nasty Gal, 80's purple, Ebay.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: I love you Teresa
(Thank you, Bianca. I love you too.)

You can tell this girl means business just by looking at her makeup counter.
Her upstairs loft is furnished with antique furniture including this chest and dresser she found off of Craigslist.
A child at heart, she's working on expanding her My Little Ponies collection asap.
thrifted striped dress, sex shop leggings, Baker shoes
She gets her custom accessories created by Amberry Jam for Classic Harlequin including this show-stopping peacock headpiece.
her fave vintage dress
I'm a fan of Norwegian Wood but had no idea she made these nylon harnesses?! Love how it adds a sporty, '80s, dominatrix feel to any outfit!
(hey, I have those shoes!)
vintage floral dress, Steve Madden macrame oxfords
Bianca just finished recording her debut album "Humans are My Keyboards" with producer, Bob Hoag. She describes her music as electronic pop that sounds like a dancefloor in Castlevania and inspired by sci-fi and Italian horror movies. She's super excited to start using a wireless mic, which she hopes will be dipped in Swarovski crystals.

Be on the lookout for her album and check out her show if she stops by your city! From personal experience, her live shows are nothing short of spectacular and this girl sure knows how to work it!


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