Hey Ombre

I have been fascinated with ombre for quite some time, but I wanted to wait and see if it was a short-lived fad. I ended up forgetting about ombre until yesterday when I saw these leggings on Hautelook.
park vogel tights

Instead of adding obvious ombre pieces, maybe a little ombre on the legs for the fall and winter wouldn't hurt.

To help you visualize how these actually look with an outfit...

Aha, found the Park Vogel leggings on the official website and they're cheaper than they are on Hautelook! Craazy!

Susie from Style Bubble made her own versions:

Anna Sui hombre tights beamed from The Luxury Spot

I also found an article from fashionista for those who like to get down and dirty with dye and make their own pair of leggings a la christian lacroix:

I might have to try this.

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